Sustainable Practices

Fair Wages

Our company adheres to social compliance and has been audited by SGS Global Ltd, We pay salaries and wages on time as well as take utmost care of our workforce and artisans.

Paperless Office & Computerized Designs

In order to avoid usage of Paper, we avoid hand sketch drawings and prefer Corel Draw or similar soft wares as well as paperless communication as much possible.


We try to conscious consumerism by investing in Designs that can be worn again. Karma Classic Collections and Vegavaan by Karma design process creates classic and timeless styles with a fusion of fashion but not overly influenced by passing fashion trends. Our designs are Contemporary yet heirloom pieces that can be worn again and passed on.

Recycled Metals

We use recycled metal processed by refiners as well re-use reclaimed silver and gold in our production.

Conflict Free Diamonds

We source Diamonds from companies that assure us Kimberly process certified conflict free Diamonds.

Upcycled Gemstones

We try to use as many upcylced Gemstones possible in our collections.

Carbon neutral Shipping

We prefer shipping through UPS Couriers' carbon neutral shipping which is verified by SGS, an inspection, testing, and verification company.

We use recycled Metal and ethically mined Gemstones. In our endeavor to practice Ethical Jewellery manufacturing, we melt used and unused Jewelry and parts. Recycled Gold and Silver used as Recycled Metals in our Recycled Jewelry manufacturing is at the heart of our production.